Mike Edgar for State Representative

The following is my Thank You Letter to the Editor that I sent after being elected your New Hampshire State Representative in the Special Election March 8th 2016: 

  I want to take this opportunity to thank those many individuals that took time out of their busy lives to work on my campaign for election to represent Hampton in the New Hampshire House of Representatives.

  The effort in making phone calls, addressing post cards, talking to your friends, holding campaign signs, allowing the placement of yard signs on your property, donating money and canvassing was much more than I could have dreamed.

  I also want to thank all those that voted for me, those that almost voted for me and all those that will in the future.

  I will do the best I can to conduct myself in a manner, and represent you in a way, which will confirm your efforts and faith in me were worthwhile. 

  Thank you again.


I am asking you to reelect me as one of your State Representatives from Hampton:

After 26 years serving our country in the United States Navy Reserve - retiring as a Captain, I'm running for reelection as a Hampton State Representative to serve again. The core values of the US Navy are honor, courage, and commitment. I promise to bring those same values with me from Hampton to Concord.


 I know how to put our nation first and I truly believe great things can happen when Hampton elects candidates who put New Hampshire first.

 My wife Kathi and I have lived in Hampton for the past 40 years, proudly raising five sons who all attended Hampton Public Schools. I have served as a member of the Hampton School Board and as the President of the Hampton Youth Association. I am an active member of American Legion Post 35 in Hampton and regularly volunteer with my therapy dog "CB" at our local nursing homes.

 These deep ties to the Hampton community make me the candidate best suited to represent our community's interests in Concord. I'm running for reelection to represent Hampton as your NH State Representative and I would appreciate your vote.


Public Works

 As your State Representative, I believe I will be able to  contribute in a positive way.  My first choice for a committee assignment is Public Works, because of my many years of civilian and military construction experience. I am a civil engineer by education and work experience and am a Professional Engineer. 

 Our state has a transportation infrastructure that is deteriorating and needs to be repaired and improved. We need adequately maintained roads for our citizens just to get around safely and as a state we need a safe infrastructure to keep and attract companies to locate here. It is one of the factors that companies use to determine where they will be located. How we as a state plan, execute and fund a long term plan will make a difference in the ability of New Hampshire to keep companies that are currently here and to attract new ones. 

 We have first hand experience in Hampton of what means; Exeter Road is in need of permanent repair and Ocean Boulevard at Hampton Beach needs to be rebuilt.  We cannot - nor should we have to - pay for these repairs all by ourselves, we need the state to help us. 

 Safe and improved roads and bridges will make New Hampshire more stable economically and provide employment for us and our children. 

 A related issue is both passenger and freight rail extension to Manchester and possibly Concord. It is hard to understand why the funding available was rejected by the Republican legislature. Rail with freight would be an economic boost for the Manchester Airport. Passenger and freight rail would also take a load off our congested roads.


Public Safety

  I believe I can immediately make a positive impact. Previously, I wrote about my interest in joining the Public Works committee.  Today, I'd like to discuss my interest in the Public Safety committee. Growing up my father was our town's chief of police.  Watching him I knew, from a young age, I wanted to help people. 

 I received a great deal of training and practical experience during my twenty-six years of serving in the Naval Reserve as a Civil Engineer Corps officer assigned to the Seabees. My unit performed disaster relief and humanitarian tasks around the U. S. and overseas.

 In 1998 I was mobilized and sent to Haiti to lead the engineering section of a taskforce performing humanitarian assignments. During that assignment two hurricanes struck.  I was in charge of our initial base preparation and of our response both inside and outside the base after the hurricanes hit.

 In 2005 I responded to Hurricane Katrina. I was sent to New Orleans for thirty days and spent another thirty days in Norfolk working on the rebuilding effort. As the senior Naval Construction Force officer in New Orleans I interacted directly with the Army and Marine Corps senior officers present.  The Seabees cleared main supply routes and supported the Army, Marine Corps and governmental entities in disaster recovery related activities.

 I also spent time as the Navy Emergency Preparedness Liaison Officer for the State of New Hampshire. This included the Portsmouth Naval Ship Yard.  Much of the time I was in Concord with the New Hampshire National Guard and participated in emergency drills at the New Hampshire Emergency Operations Center.

 I believe my training, experience and familiarity with the New Hampshire Emergency Management system would be beneficial to the state and Hampton when considering many public safety issues. 



Previously, I wrote about my interest in joining the Public Works committee, and the Public Safety Committee.  Today, I'd like to discuss my interest in the Labor committee.

 A few weeks ago I was invited to talk at a meeting of Hampton Firefighters Local 2664.  I told them about myself and my stand on several issues and was very pleased to receive their endorsement. I supported the tentative union contracts negotiated between the town and the labor unions. 

 Over the years I have been involved with labor and labor unions.  I have worked on non-union contracts, seen some new unions organized, and worked on union agreements. In 1992-1993 at the decommissioning of Shoreham Nuclear Power Station on Long Island New York, I was the Site Manager for Raytheon Engineering and one of the tasks was making jurisdictional work assignments. That is to assign which of the union crafts would perform which tasks. This was the first large scale decommissioning and there was a great deal of interest and contention in the assignments.

 The Guiding Principle for making assignments was "Fairness, Consistency and Reasonableness." I was able to work directly with all the unions and get the project agreement approved by all of them by being open to discuss the issues individually with each of them utilizing the Guiding Principles to make assignments. We were all very proud of the work we accomplished and I knew I could trust organized labor to complete a high quality product.

I believe that it is best for both management and labor when they work together and there is equity between them.  I have always tried to work with people, not at odds with them and would continue to conduct myself in that manner if elected as Hampton's State Representative. 


Veterans Affairs

 Previously, I wrote about my interest in joining the Public Works committee and the Public Safety Committee and Labor Committee .  Now I'd like to discuss my interest in Veterans Affairs.

 I was very fortunate to spend almost twenty-six years in the Naval Reserves and received a great deal of training and several challenging assignments. For many of the assignments including being Commanding Officer of Naval Construction Battalion Twenty-Seven, I dealt with problems of personnel receiving what they were due.

 At the age of thirty-eight I was granted a commission as a Civil Engineer Corps Ensign in the Naval Reserve.  It was a long, difficult journey to be granted commission.  Fourteen years earlier after four years in Army ROTC, I was within two months of being commissioned in the Army, but was discharged for a medical reason; a non-union fracture of my wrist.  After another operation and over a year of trying to process a direct commission application I was finnally able to be granted a direct commission.  I know the system can be difficult to navigate and I will fight to ensure that no one has to deal with the hurdles the system put me through.

 I believe I can be a fair and effective champion for Veterans related issues and legislation.  Currently, I am actively involved with American Legion Post 35 and continue to get the current perspective of veteran issues in the Hampton area. 

 I also will be vigilant that veteran's issues are not misused by groups that would manipulate issues that actually push another agenda such as anti-union or minimize programs and convert to them to the open market.


Fish and Game & Marine Resources

I was assigned to the Fish and Game & Marine Resources Committee.  It was interesting to see first hand how the committee was run and the interaction between the committee members The decision to allow the resumption of bobcat trapping caused quite a commotion.
As a result there will be changes proposed to the structure of the Commission and relationship of the Commission and Department


I also substituted on the Labor and the Children & Family Law committees.  It was a very good way to learn more about the committee process and individuals.

These deep ties to the Hampton community make me the candidate best suited to represent our community’s interests in Concord.   I will be a "workhorse" for us and not a "show horse"; putting in the time and doing what needs to be done to make sure that Hampton is well represented in Concord. 

I believes that:
  • Issues should be evaluated thoroughly before changes are made to avoid unintended consequences.
  • Everyone should be treated fairly and with respect be self-reliant and held accountable for their actions
  • The citizens of New Hampshire should take control of their future by rebuilding our roads and bridges and ensuring our energy independence. 
  • Protecting everyone's access to quality affordable health care is critical if we want to address our mental health and opiate addiction problems.
  • Government should not interfere in anyone's health care decisions.
  • Government should live within its means by focusing on priorities that matter most to the people of Hampton.

You can contact Mike at amedgar@comcast.net or (603) 926-1878. 

Vote for Mike Edgar on November 8, 2016 at Winnacunnet High School. 

Chris Muns,
Feb 28, 2016, 2:24 PM
Chris Muns,
Feb 28, 2016, 2:25 PM